Crime and Punishment

First title of the new book series brings together a number of Czech (and one foreign) RPG worlds and introduces stories with themes of crime, justice and punishment.

The book contains thirteen tales, in addition to the stories from the Czech game worlds it also hosts one foreign - Unknown Armies.






Steel and Blood

Second anthology contains sixteen tales from the Czech role-playing games worlds - both the most popular ones (Asterion, Taria, Tales from the Empire and foreign Unknown Armies) and those still unknown (the world of board games Dorn, Imaginarium of Ondrej Netik, online gaming project Immortal Fighters or "independent world" Realm of the Seven,). This time, the individual stories deal with themes of warfare, of courage and heroism as well as madness and cruelty of war.





Call of the Wild

In the year 2013 we are preparing the third anthology of short stories from Czech (and maybe others) Worlds of role-playing games. This time, the individual stories deal with the frontiersmen, hunters and scouts, Druids and shamans, the mysterious forces of nature, dangers of the wilderness and its savage inhabitants.