Karel Cernin

Nick Charles, born in the 1978, he plays RPGs since 1992. A thesis named "The legal regime of space stations", which he wrote during his studies at the Fakulty of Law, was his first successful piece of fiction. He is the author of a science fiction environment Sen! Na Dozivoti.../Dream! For the rest of life... for RPG game Strepy Snu/Shards of Dreams and also the main creator of extension manuals for fantasy world Taria. In the latest module Pohranici/Borderland published in 2008, Taria is presented as vivid and realistic environment inspired by the Czech Middle Ages, in which stories take place in the rough style of "dirty fantasy". Charles is also an active member of a group of historical fencing called Revertar, coming from Moravian town Zlin. He is the author of scenarios for fencing performances and he translates medieval writings about fencing from German. His aim is to present history of the Moravian pre-Hussite period and to introduce real style of mediavel combat to the public.